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Get more Sales with less effort using marketing automation.

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Hi, I'm Pat Headley, I am a certified Digital Marketing professional. I've helped dozens of clients improve their marketing processes and get more customers by implementing automated processes and systems. And I can do the same for you. 

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What you will learn..

  • The power of the lead magnet
  • Marketing Automation basics
  • Segmenting your list for higher conversations
  • Automating the 4 stages of the marketing lifecycle
  • Automation on steroids - the new app on the block

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What Marketing Automation Brings To Your Business

In this mini course I will walk you through many of the ways that marketing automation can be used to free you up from repetitive processes. For the online business entrepreneur looking to gain time, freedom cannot be achieved until the sales and marketing process is systemised and automated. This allows the business to operate 24/7 with minimal intervention where the processes and tasks can be outsourced.

At the end of the mini course you will Understand:

  • the basics of marketing automation
  • what platforms are available and the benefit of each
  • the difference between email marketing and marketing automation
  • how to get started with marketing automation using low-cost and free tools;
  • where to go for further information and a look at the automation platform set to revolutionise the industry.

Benefits of Automation

  • Build better customer relationship
  • Reduce your staffing costs
  • Less repetition, more creativity
  • Increased revenue and average deal size
  • Improve accountability of marketing & sales teams